The evil side of sugar

Everything can be bad if its too much and when it comes to too much sugar, it can really be bad for any persons health and figure. Yes, it can also contribute to build fats in a human body. You know sugar is bad for you and even worse, sugar often hide in many of the foods you eat every day. Here's why you need to read labels and avoid added sugars.

When I'm talking about sugar, I am not talking about the sugars in fruits and vegetables, those are the "good" sugars. I’m talking about “added sugars” like high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose, table sugar, cane sugar and sucrose. Chances are you are ingesting a lot more sugar than you actually know. For example, did you know that one bottle of Vitamin Water has 32.5 grams of sugar? That’s eight teaspoons of sugar. A 12-ounce can of soda contains nine teaspoons of sugar. Wow!! “Added sugars” will slow down your digestion, cause overgrowth of bacteria in your colon, make you feel foggy-headed and fatigued, and cause conditions like high cholesterol, acid reflux, acne, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Sugar plays a big role in contributing fats into our body and if you are eating too much sugar added types of food then you're in a treat for a lot of weight loss methods and techniques becasue of the word obesity. If you gained too much weight simply becasue of too much sugar in your body its time to control your eating habit. Avoiding sugar is as hard as avoiding fatty foods and one way to fight the hunger for sugar is to take an appetite suppressant that will help you control your eating habit.

Diet pills and other weight pills are also good alternatives to keep a healthy diet and avoid sugar and this requires a lot of exercise also becasue keeping your body active in any exercise and sports activities will reduce the tendencies of you eating foods that has added sugars and lose weight.


Anavar said...

Sugar can easily be avoided with tap water and plain tea for drinks and fruit for desserts. If I have urge for sugar, I eat dried fruit which is so sweet.

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