Tips to get that sexy figure: Rules to follow in weight loss

There are many ways people manage to lose weight. What is bothering and irritates many people is the question of how to keep the fat off and maintain this ideal weight. Many dieticians claim that their diet plan is the best and they guarantee their weight loss techniques. Most of these techniques work on the fact that they limit your food intake and monitor your calories. But what is the point of working so hard and going through so much hardships if you are bound to go right back to your old weight when you stop dieting.

The only way you will ever be able to lose weight is if you maintain a low calorie intake than the amount of calories that you burn. It does not matter from what source these calories are coming. Many weight loss techniques will work for some people but will not work for you. You need to figure out the perfect weight loss technique for yourself if you want to achieve the best results.

No matter what technique you choose in the end, it will only work if you follow some few very basic rules. The main reason for many successful weight loss techniques is the fact that they are based on these rules. You need to make these rules as part of your daily life.

The first rule is to make minor changes in your life. Like you need to bring down the milk intake daily. Try to shift from normal milk to skimmed milk. Try to use low fat alternatives for mayonnaise, cheese etc.

Try to have your food with passion. Enjoy what you eat. It is always better this way. Do not just focus on munching your food just for the sake of having it. Try to maintain eating small portions of your food. Make vegetable and fruits as part of your daily diet. Always have a healthy breakfast. Make sure you get some basic exercise daily. Make sure you keep a record of the food intake that you have daily. Always be determined.

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Asian Diet

 Bored of eating same food every day? Want some change in food taste? Try Asian Diet. The Asian diet is an ancient and honored way of eating. For decades people of the Asian world have eaten a diet based on plant foods such as rice, cereals, wheat, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Unlike Western diets, meat is rarely the main dish of any meal but rather an accent and flavour compliment. Fish is often eaten in main courses. This diet limits fat in general and almost eliminates saturated fat.

There are three major types of Asian diets:

East Asian Food includes China, Japan, and Korea. Rice: Low in fat reduces risk for heart diseases and certain cancers, Fish: Low in sugar, Cereals: Low in fat, Vegetables: Low in sugar, fruits and tea.

Southeast Asian Food includes Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Rice and vegetables with meat and fish. Fruits: bananas, mangoes, papayas, coconut, and pineapple. Deserts prepared from coconut milk, green noodles, sugar syrup, and sweet beans.

Southern Asian Food includes Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Beef, Chicken, Rice, fish, cereals, wheat and vegetables are the primary dietary intakes. Fruits, vegetables and dry fruits are in abundance. Deserts prepared from milk, sweet, sugar syrups are also there.

Asian diet is not calculated and does not include exact portion sizes, but rather guidelines for what should be eaten daily, weekly, and monthly. Rather than prohibitions, the diet suggests balance. The daily calorie content is approximately 1200 to 1400. Fruits and vegetables also provide fiber. Many researchers have shown that sufficient amounts of fiber in the diet may reduce the risk of several forms of cancer including colon cancer, which is the third most prevalent cancer among both men and women in the United States.

It is an exceptionally healthful diet. Asian populations who have access to a sufficient variety of traditional foods are the healthiest and longest lived people on Earth. Several chronic illnesses that plague Western cultures such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity occur rarely in Asian cultures.

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