The Mini Stepper

The Mini Stepper is personal fitness equipment. The mini stepper simulates the motion of going up and down stairs, providing an exceptional work out to your leg muscles and overall cardiovascular system. The Mini Stepper also has the benefit of being small, so it can easily fit in a closet or under a bed. One of the best things about the Mini Stepper is its ease of use. No particular skills are required, and just about anyone can operate the Mini Stepper intuitively.

Go through these brief steps and you are good to perform your fitness exercises on mini stepper. Following are the five steps:

Turn on the Mini Stepper by either stepping on one of the foot pedals, or pressing the "Mode/Reset" button. This is the large button on the display panel, located directly below the digital display screen. Activating the Mini Stepper will turn on the computer inside the unit.

Review the existing options for what will be displayed during your workout. The Mini Stepper has four basic display settings (Time, Count, Calories and Scan). Choosing "Time" will display the total time that the exercise session has been going. Selecting "Count" will show how many steps have been taken. Choosing "Calories" will display an estimate of the number of calories burned, and "Scan" will slowly cycle through time, count and calories displays. Familiarize yourself with these settings, and decide which you would like to use during your workout.

Now set the display for the mode you want to use. Press and hold down the "Mode/Reset" button. An arrow will be featured on the top of the display, and will slowly rotate through the list names of each display setting (Time, Count, Calories and Scan). When the arrow appears next to the setting you want to use, release the "Mode/Reset" button. Your display will now feature the information that relates to this selected setting.

Get up on the foot peddles, and begin stepping. The Mini Stepper has a left and a right foot peddle. Stand with your feet on both peddles. As you push down on one peddle, the other will rise. Make stepping motions simulating a stair climb, pushing against the resistance of the machine. At regular intervals monitor the display to check your progress.

Place the Mini Stepper away after your workout completes. There is no off button to press. The Mini Stepper automatically turns itself off after a period of five minutes with no peddles movement. This feature enhances battery life, and helps you get the most from your Mini Stepper.
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